Video Traffic Genie Review and Interview With Paul Venables

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Video Traffic Genie Review and Interview With Paul Venables

This is going to be about the new and updated Adobe Air software; Video Traffic Genie.

Video Traffic Genie is a new video course by a guy I have gotten to like recently, Paul Venables. Paul has put together a new training series called Video Traffic Genie which allows you to divert traffic from videos that are already ranking to your videos.

Now, while this is a YouTube product, this has no relation to video creation, ranking, or any of the other usual topics when video trainings are released.

I’ve been through the entire front end and it’s a series of over the shoulder videos that take you through Paul’s method.

Everytime you apply this method, you will need to spend between $1 snd $2 and that is all.

While I cannot reveal the technique as that wouldn;t be fair, I will make a review and try to answer all the questions I would have if I were a potential buyer.

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