Project Lazarus: Expired Domain Crawler (MONTHLY) Review

Project Lazarus: Expired Domain Crawler (MONTHLY) Review

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What our customers are saying…

I found 2,060 expired domains my first day using the crawler.

Florian F.

I spent hundreds of dollars buying the same quality domains at auction. The cost of this tool has more than paid for itself already.

Josen R.

Totally works, found over 100 domains from a quick 30 minute crawl from only 14 seed sites, and like Kurt said: no limits here!

Brian Y.

For the price of two domains from a vendor, this software is a steal!


More stories from our customers…

Within a really short period of time I was able to find expired domains that have a much higher value than what I spent on the software. Whenever I have a question, Kurt is there to answer it and do whatever it takes to solve the problem. Also he is regularly updating the crawler, too.

I’ve used other crawlers before (including my own) but this one beats everything I’ve seen. A real beast!

dkt91, Beats Everything I’ve Seen!

I’ve been using the crawler for a while now (since inception) and not only has evolved, it has also increased in speed. It is one of the fastest ones I’ve used and… well, for me is a no brainer. If you are lucky and find a source to buy inexpensive expired domains, lets say $50 per domain, with 4 domains you find with this crawler you are already getting your money back.

Now, when you start finding 20, 40, 100’s of good domains as I’ve done you start to think… what I’m I going to do with all this domains? Well maybe start selling them at $50 a pop …

Thanks Kurt for developing this tool and being very helpful and responsive all the way through.

100% recommended.

Jesus M., 100% recommended

This is an AWESOME crawler. I tried many other expired domain crawlers and they were very very slow and crashed. This is a lightweight , lean, mean, crawling machine. I can crawl over 1 million pages in 3 hours or so.I decided to buy this because I was tired of paying domain brokers $50-75 to buy expired domains so now I can get as many as I want without waiting days and days for a broker. The creator of this software is also very responsive to any questions and willing to help. A++ on support.

If you need expired domains – buy it.

Steven M., If you need expired domains – buy it.

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